Renting an Apartment VS House in Clackamas

person Viola Charlesfolder_openLuxuriousaccess_time September 4, 2017

Have you ever lived in an apartment complex?  If you have, you know how horrible it is to hear your neighbors through the walls.  But, for someone who is just starting out in life, apartments could be the less expensive way to go for them as with the Clackamas Apartments.  However, there are a lot of things to take into consideration when deciding if you want to rent an apartment or condo versus a house.  Let me identify some of the items to consider for apartment rentals in Clackamas.

  1. Location: When looking for a place to reside, there are some questions to consider. For example:
  2. How close do you want your residence to your employment?
  3. Do you want to be able to use public transportation or have your own transportation?
  4. If you have a pet, what are the rules/requirements of the potential residence? Are you required you to pick up doggie messes? Could be different for a cat?
  5. Do you want a Management Company involved or a direct Landlord-Tenant Lease Agreement?
  1. Rental Applications: Most places now require that a Rental Application be completed prior to renting out a unit.  Background checks are completed on all parties who will be living in the unit and are becoming more prevalent.
  1. Floor plans: How big do you need your apartment to be at this stage in your life?  Do you prefer a Studio Apartment, 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom?  This is mostly governed by the amount of monthly rental money you have for the apartment.  Some people are perfectly fine living in a Studio apartment.   Others like the separation of rooms from the living area and the sleeping areas.
  1. Rental Costs: Have you determined how much money you have available every month for rent?  Initially, this figure should include the up-front costs of the first and last month’s rent and possibly a security deposit for pet damage, if you have a pet.  See 1.c. above.
  1. Liability Insurance Policy: Most landlords and Management companies require any renter to have Renter’s Insurance.  The policy has two separate coverages – insurance on the renter’s personal property and liability insurance for any damage the renter does to the rented unit.  This type of coverage can be expensive but a lot less expensive than if they had to pay for damages to the unit out of their own pocket.
  1. Management Companies: The Management Company is usually the go-between the landlord and tenant.  They take care of everything from rent collection to maintenance on the unit and emergency repairs.

The items mentioned above are just some of the things needed to possibly rent at Clackamas Apartments. Further information about these apartments can be obtained by contacting the management company at the Apartment complex.  If you are just starting out, don’t be intimated by the questions they are asking you, they ask the same questions of everyone, whether young or old.

You are on your way to better apartment living.  Enjoy the journey.