Renting an Apartment? Things to Look out For

person Viola Charlesfolder_openApartment Livingaccess_time September 4, 2017

In the everyday affairs of man, it is an undisputable fact that shelter is a fundamental need which is only next to food in order of importance.

Over time, the need for basic shelter had transformed into comfortable and luxurious places to live in, and even in places of work like our various offices.

Due to the high financial demands of housing construction, not everyone can afford the luxury of owning their own homes or apartments. Therefore, there are provisions for people who could not possibly afford to build their own homes to live in already built homes or apartments on a rent basis. This article treats those things to look out for in order to make the best of deals in renting an apartment, which most times are neglected or overlooked by prospective tenants.

For example, let’s say I have a real estate agency known as Clackamas apartments  that I want to lease an apartment from, I would have to be absolutely sure that I am going to get the best deal out of the apartment I am about to rent under Clackamas apartments.

The question is how to rent an apartment?

First of all, I have to realize that the content or state of the apartment is proportional to my financial capability. A furnished apartment obviously will attract more cost and financial commitment than an unfurnished apartment.

The following factors are very important and needs to be thought through before sealing a rent/purchase deal for that apartment, and I will have to critically consider them before moving in to the Clackamas apartments.

  • Price: Make sure that the apartment falls within a price range that you can afford. It won’t be good to be stuck at your subsequent renewal, just because you got carried away by the sights the first time.
  • Size: Are you the only one that is going to be living in the apartment? Will you be moving in with your family? What size of apartment do you want? Will just one bedroom do for you, or do you want three bedrooms for your family?
  • Parking Space: Do you have a car or are you considering buying one? Is there enough space for it?
  • Safety: How safe is the environment? How sturdy are the doors and windows? Any provisions for fire escape? Is it sited near sources of natural hazards or disaster?
  • Amenities: Are the basic amenities provided?
  • Location: How close is it to your place of work, school, bank, grocery, etc.?
  • Pests: It would not be a bad idea to have the apartment fumigated before you move in. is the apartment infested?
  • Pets: If you have a pet, is there a provision for your pet in the apartment? Will it be a source of disturbance to your neighbors?

By the time all these considerations are taken, I will be making a good decision when I am comfortable with the outcome of these factors you just considered.

However, this is not just for me, but also for you.