Clackamas Apartments: Living Small but Thinking Big

person Viola Charlesfolder_openReal Estateaccess_time September 4, 2017

Nowadays young renters in major cities are thinking smaller in terms of space and cost. Developers like clackamas apartments are very aware of this trend and are constantly looking forward to developing attractive projects aiming at this increasingly demanding sector.

Clackamas Apartments are designed to provide comfort and even a sense of amplitude in an average of 300 to 400 sq. feet.  Each Clackamas unit is offered fully equipped and technologically adapted to the current times. There is natural lighting in every apartment and roomy closets. Kitchens have an open plan with beautiful cabinets and built-in appliances.

The sense of amplitude in every unit is maximized through amenities that take out of the apartment space some issues that are required by potential renters, but do not necessarily need to be performed at the units, such as washing/drying facilities, and multipurpose storage space.

Clackamas Apartments take in account that a young renter is someone that wants to socialize even though not necessarily needs to socialize in his own unit. Therefore, Clackamas Apartments offer ¨social amenities¨: gym, roof deck and swimming pool.  And of course, WI FI is provided not just at every unit, but also in all social areas. Besides this, you will find that Clackamas Apartments are always located in nice areas, near parks, fancy cafes and restaurants, and as a must, not more than 5-7 minutes away from a metro station.

One impressive thing about Clackamas Apartments is that they integrate environmentally responsible features that besides taking care of the environment, result in cost savings, like rainwater harvesting systems, and solar energy panels.   You can also find at every Clackamas Apartments project, some sort of green amenity: usually community vegetable garden (including compost production to optimize recycling) but the size of each gardening project does of course also rely on each apartment community, and their particular interests and organization capabilities.  However, Clackamas Apartments as landlords, provide all the necessary elements to help each project come true successfully (and the above mentioned rainwater harvesting systems are a big part of it, as they obviously provide the watering for the micro-farms).

Last but not least, all the buildings are designed so that each apartment can be easily resized in case renter requires bigger space; therefore, all load-bearing walls are constructed so that side-by-side units can be converted into bigger apartments if needed.

As Clackamas Apartments are usually big projects and each building consists of at least 70 apartments, this means, that all these nice amenities do not necessarily mean high expenses.

Clackamas Apartments websites are designed to assist prospective renters in the decision making process. Website visitors can check apartment floor plans of each available apartment in all of our locations, review amenities, and get a virtual tour.  Virtual Leasing offices are available via online websites, and they are mostly open 24 hours a day.  Through these offices, the prospective renter can start the rental application procedures.

If you feel like you would like more information about Clackamas Apartments or a personal visit, just call them, they will be pleased to arrange a meeting with you.