An Abode in the Clackamas Apartments

Have you been thinking of getting a cozy home, a home that you and your family can embrace with no difficulty or qualms? You should consider Clackamas Apartments if yes. The Clackamas county area has a lot to offer and has been touted as an ideal place for the families to settle down, despite slightly […]

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Focus: 33 Affordable Housing

Portland affordable housing measure may have cut building

MGN graphic PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – Portland’s apartment-building binge appears to be ending. The Oregonian/OregonLive reports that applications for new housing developments have slowed in the past year. Contributing to that reversal is construction costs and land prices. But Portland officials are worried the city’s zoning policy, which requires developers to set aside rent-restricted units […]

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Portland’s land shortage brings ground lease projects to the fore – Portland Business Journal

As the Portland-area real estate boom has continued its run, it’s become more difficult for developers and others in the region to find a key piece of the equation for new projects: available and affordable land. Available opportunities downtown for new office, hotel and multifamily projects are becoming fewer and farther in between, and anyone […]

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Why Use A Portland News App

Downloading a Portland news app is easy. Whether you’re moving to Portland, living there already or plan on visiting, you’ll want to download a Portland news app. If you want to find out why you should use a news app that covers the Portland area, then continue to read on. The first reason why you […]

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Luxurious Clackamas Apartment Living

Ever wonder how you could live that luxury lifestyle you have always wanted, get an apartment. Apartment living can provide a very luxurious lifestyle for many. Apartments can provide a level of luxury that is hard-pressed to be found in the average suburban neighborhood. There are three main points that make living in an apartment […]

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Renting an Apartment? Things to Look out For

In the everyday affairs of man, it is an undisputable fact that shelter is a fundamental need which is only next to food in order of importance. Over time, the need for basic shelter had transformed into comfortable and luxurious places to live in, and even in places of work like our various offices. Due […]

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Renting an Apartment VS House in Clackamas

Have you ever lived in an apartment complex?  If you have, you know how horrible it is to hear your neighbors through the walls.  But, for someone who is just starting out in life, apartments could be the less expensive way to go for them as with the Clackamas Apartments.  However, there are a lot […]

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Clackamas Apartments: Living Small but Thinking Big

Nowadays young renters in major cities are thinking smaller in terms of space and cost. Developers like clackamas apartments are very aware of this trend and are constantly looking forward to developing attractive projects aiming at this increasingly demanding sector.

Clackamas Apartments are designed to provide comfort and even a sense of amplitude in an average of 300 to 400 sq. feet.  Each Clackamas unit is offered fully equipped and technologically adapted to the current times. There is natural lighting in every apartment and roomy closets. Kitchens have an open plan with beautiful cabinets and built-in appliances.


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