An Abode in the Clackamas Apartments

person Viola Charlesfolder_openReal Estateaccess_time March 3, 2018

Have you been thinking of getting a cozy home, a home that you and your family can embrace with no difficulty or qualms? You should consider Clackamas Apartments if yes. The Clackamas county area has a lot to offer and has been touted as an ideal place for the families to settle down, despite slightly higher living cost. A brief account of Clackamas location includes it being situated in the Northwest Oregon along the Columbia River and Oregon-Washington Border. The metro area is designated as the Portland Vancouver Beaverton Metro Area.

Here are some of the compelling reasons why you should consider Clackamas Apartments.

  • Ranked 2nd among the Fiscally Fit Cities

Everybody longs for a safe and secure future. Along with having a job that can let you afford your monthly bills, you would also have to save for your retirement by investing in profitable ventures and availing life insurance coverage. Studies have shown that households in Clackamas, Oregon have a holistic approach to personal finance including life insurance coverage. Having life insurance coverage can help keeping families from tapping into savings in case of an unforeseen death. With such saving oriented environment around you, you will also be inclined towards saving more for your bright future.

What’s more? You don’t have to worry about your kid’s education expenses as the average school expenditure is much lower than the national average school expenditure. Also, the city has excellent job opportunities increasing at a staggering rate. A low unemployment rate of 6.20% speaks volumes about the job economy of the city which has transformed itself.

  • Ranked 1st among the Best Cities for Seniors

If you are looking for a nice after retirement home to relax and also have some fun, Clackamas is the best fit for you. The area gets an optimum amount of sunshine and rain, which protects senior citizens from extreme weather related problems. There are many recreational options too, just in case they get bored. The amenities are all well within a common citizen’s reach, making it an ideal place for senior citizens.

  • Ranked 2nd among Best American cities for Foodies

Are you an ardent foodie looking for ambrosial food to try every weekend? It’s not just the restaurant ratings, but also the food culture of the place is what makes the Clackamas a foodie’s heaven. It also offers food-friendly amenities such as microbreweries and farmers markets. If you fancy yourself with some exquisite beers and wines, the city offers you a selection from a large collection of artisan beers and wines.

  • Ranked 4th among cities poised for greatness

A famous Research Firm has ranked Clackamas area as the 4th city among the cities that are on the edge of greatness in various fields including sports, arts, music and culture. In addition to these, housing, investment in energy efficient and green technology was also considered. The fact that the Clackamas area has emerged among the top 5 cities makes it a great place to live.